Rome Sightseeing Tour at Sunrise

Rome Sightseeing Tour at Sunrise

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After living in Rome for five years and traveling a lot, I’m sure that nothing can be better than explore the new city during the sunrise. In the morning, Rome is not crowded by tourists and weather is not that hot as during the day time. Moreover, when the city wakes up and birds start to sing, the Eternal city will belong only to you.

I invite you to see the “Real Rome” with which I fell in love from the first sight and it became my home. Undoubtedly, this walk will become one of the brightest memories about your trip and you would love to repeat this experience in every new city you visit. Moreover, we will discover the most interesting and significant places of the city, avoiding the usual tourists’ paths and spend this day as the local Romans do.

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We will start our exploration of the city with the main site – the Colosseum.

During the 7-hours walking tour, you will explore and get know about:

  1. The Colosseum (inside and outside). There is a special excursion inside this site, named “The Secrets of the Gladiators”
  2. Triumphal arches of Constantine, Titus, and Septimius Severus
  3. Circus Maximus
  4. The Orange Garden
  5. The Aventine Keyhole: 3 nations can be seen in one keyhole
  6. The Mouth of Truth
  7. Panoramic view of Rome from 3 different observation decks on Aventine and Capitoline hills
  8. The Roman Forum from the best observation deck. There is a special excursion inside the Roman Forum, which lasts for 2 hours.
  9. Triumphal Arches of the Emperors
  10. Capitoline Square (Campidoglio Area)

——————-5-6 hours———————

  1. The Jewish Ghetto
  2. Mattei Palace (during the week days)
  3. The Turtle Fountain
  4. Shelter in ancient ruins, where Roman cats live
  5. The place where Julius Caesar was killed
    ——- 7-8 hours —–
  6. The Pantheon
  7. Navona Square and Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers
  8. The Imperial Forums
  9. Altar Of The Fatherland (Vittoriano) and the Venice Square
  10. Trajan’s Column – the largest and most beautiful of the extant nowadays

All the sites, squares and monuments in almost empty and convenient Rome! We will do 1-2 stops in Roman café bars, visit beautiful churches, so the time will fly.

Also, you will recognize:

  • Interesting facts about life in Rome
  • Where to eat the best local food for inexpensive prices
  • How Romans use public transport for free

And you will try:

  • The real Italian breakfast, like locals do. Do you want cappuccino +croissant for 2-3 euro? Do you usually pay more?
  • Italian gelato – you will have a choice among 150 flavors of an ice cream (during 7 and 8 hours tours)

Note: coffee and sweets are not included in the price; thus, are charged separately.

I recommend you options of 7 or 8-hours. Spends your time in Rome with the maximum comfort and efficiency in the company of professionals!

On the next morning I advice you to visit the program: Rome at dawn 2


Main information

  • Time of beginning: 6 am in summer, 6.30 am in spring-fall, and 7 am in winter
  • Meeting point: The Arch of Constantine near the Colosseum or Piazza Venezia near the Altar of the Fatherland
  • An ideal duration of the excursion: 7 hours
  • Price for a group of 3 people: 400 euro – 7 hours, 350 euro – 6 hours, 300 euro – 5 hours, 250 euro – 4 hours. You can book the options shorter than 6 hours only in 1-2 days before the date, if it will be available
  • The maximum amount of tourists on the excursion: 6 people. Additional payment for the 4th, 5th, and 6th tourist will be only 25 euro per person, regardless of the length of the tour. There will be no other tourists with you during the walk. Remember, this is a private tour of Rome only for you.

This tour is suitable to anyone who wants to visit the most remarkable places and learn its stories in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with no rush. Moreover, the excursion dedicated to all the ages since I always try to adapt it to each guest, so that it becomes interesting both to you and your kids. I also recommend it to anyone, who wants to see the most Romantic places of this wonderful city and get a photo shoot for FREE.

To understand how beautiful Rome is at dawn, watch this video

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Author: Kate Zusmann

For the last 6 years I live in the Eternal City. Traveling, exploring new things, writing blogs, shooting vlogs are my main hobbies, but the thing that I like even more is to share my experience and thoughts with you! Explore Rome with Us :)

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