Where to Stay in Rome

Where to stay in Rome? – is one of the most challenging questions before your Roman holidays. The Eternal city has 22 districts, where you can easily find one that ideally your needs and preferences.

Centro Storico

Apparently, the Centro Storico or the historical center of Rome is the most popular district of the city for tourists because all the main sites located here. Here, I am talking about the area with Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain. However, this option is expensive not only in terms of accommodation, but also restaurants and bars that surround the middle of the city. If you are going to spend your Roman holiday at the highest level, the Centro Storico offers beautiful alleys with Renaissance palaces, Baroque churches, and is full of fabulous piazzas.

Where to stay in Rome:

Stay here if you:   

  • Want to minimize the use of public transport or taxi
  • Are ready for pricey offers
  • Are going to stay in Rome for a short period of time and want to have time to visit all the main sites

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Zona Termini

Termini area has a lot of offers and it is often easy to find cheap accommodation. There are one, two and three-star hotels and BnBs with low-cost prices. However, what goes around in Termini is not nice to see, but the area is quiet.  Moreover, it is easy to reach any point of the city thanks to the metro and Termini train and bus station. The area near Termini, Esquilino, is Rome’s immigrant district with many international food shops and the Chinatown-esque market, which is enormous.

Where to stay in Rome Zona Termini

Stay here if you:

  • Are looking for inexpensive offers
  • Are ready to regularly use public transport, a taxi or long walks
  • Have enough time to explore all the main sites of Rome

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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo area is near Termini and close to Sapienza. It is a favorite neighborhood for its intense nightlife because the largest university in Europe located in this area. Pay attention while choosing the accommodation because late at night San Lorenzo is very noisy.

Where to stay in Rome: San Lorenzo

Stay here if you:

  • Are looking for inexpensive offers
  • Are ready to use public transport, a taxi or long walks
  • Have an interested to Rome’s nightlife

Vatican City and Prati

Prati area was built in the 19th century and is right behind the Vatican Museums. There are a lot of tourists because this area is an ideal option if you want to divide your time between visiting the main sites of both Rome and the Vatican. Moreover, Prati has wide boulevards and straight roads in comparing to the chaotic streets of the Eternal City. It is important to note that the area offers reasonable prices for the accommodation.

Where to stay in Rome: Prati

Stay here if you:

  • Mainly, want to explore the Vatican city
  • Want to find inexpensive offers for the accommodation
  • Are looking for a quiet and safe area

Monti and the Celian Hill

In the ancient times, Monti area was the red-light district, home to gladiators and prostitutes. Moreover, Julius Caesar was born here. Today, it is a beautiful little medieval quarter full of palaces, traditional restaurants and small shops. Furthermore, Monti is located close to the Imperial Forums, Termini and the Cavour metro station.

Where to stay in Rome: Monti

Stay here if:

  • Are looking for inexpensive offers for the accommodation
  • Want to try Roman dishes for a reasonable price
  • Are ready for long walks


Undoubtedly, Trastevere is one of the best options where to stay during your Roman holidays. Located beyond the Tiber River, it is a beautiful neighborhood that comes alive at night. Moreover, there are a lot of small streets and paths with a fantastic atmosphere. Trastevere has a lot of bars and restaurants, not only with local cuisine, but with dishes from all around the world. However, there are many tourists and students because this district is perfect place to explore during the evening and not only. If you want to stay in the zone full of great bars and restaurants with reasonable prices and all the main sites of Rome and the Vatican accessible by foot walk, Trastevere is an ideal choice!

Where to stay in Rome: Trastevere

Stay here if you:

  • Are looking the accommodation near the historical center of Rome
  • Want to spend evenings in a lively atmosphere of bars and excellent restaurants
  • Like long walks

You should start looking for the accommodation in Trastevere in advance. There is a high possibility to find inexpensive options. Moreover, consider not only hotels, but also the opportunities to rent an apartment or BnB in Trastevere

Testaccio and the Aventine Hill

Testaccio is a less touristic district of Rome with many local restaurants and bakeries. The neighborhood is safe, cheaper that the city center, and very convenient. Moreover, there is the Piramide stop, which allows to reach any point of the city quickly. Also, Testaccio is an excellent place to get gourmet souvenirs. However, its main feature is night life because most of the night clubs located in this area.

Where to stay in Rome: Testaccio

Stay here if you:

  • Have an interest to Roman night life
  • Are ready for long walks
  • Are looking for the quiet area which offers inexpensive options for the accommodation

Tridente and Via Veneto

Most of luxury hotels located on Via Veneto. Moreover, this street is fashionable with pricey bars and restaurants for tourists, for instance, Hard Rock cafe. Via Veneto located near Villa Borghese and all Roman main sites are reachable by foot walk. Also, this area is the perfect choice for shopping lovers because famous Via del Corso located in 10 minutes walk.

Where to stay in Rome: Tridente

Stay here if you:

  • Are looking for luxury accommodations
  • Love shopping
  • Are ready for long foot walks

Campo de’ Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto

Campo de’ Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto are parts of the Centro Storico. However, these areas are mostly famous for boutiques of local designers, wine bars, trattorias, shisha bars, and kosher restaurants. The Jewish Ghetto is an atmospheric neighborhood, which is quiet and safe. Moreover, all the main sites of Rome are easily accessible from these areas.

Where to stay in Rome: Campdo de' Fiori and Jewish Ghetto

Stay here if you:

  • Are interested in Roman nightlife
  • Want to live in the city center

The prices for the accommodation may vary, in these areas you could better consider to rent an apartment which will allow you to save money


Few tourists decide to spend their Roman holidays while living in the EUR area because it is far from the Centro Storico. However, if you are spending several days in Rome and interested in architecture, it is worth to visit the museums of Mussolini’s dream area. Also, the EUR is a perfect place for the photoshoot because this is the newest area of Rome with many unusual corners and photo-opportunities.

Where to stay in Rome: EUR

Stay here if you:

  • Want to live in the area with few tourists
  • Are interested in architecture and exhibitions
  • Are ready to regularly use public transport, a taxi or transfer

Overall, Rome has many districts with individual features in each of them. Consequently, you can easily find the best accommodation according to your preferences and make your Roman holidays unforgettable. Don’t be afraid of long walks! Rome is the city full of historic monuments and picturesque corners that you won’t be able to see from the window of the taxicab or while using public transport.