How to get

During your Roman holiday you may wonder how to get to particular places or monumets. In this section gathered tips and detailed explanation on how to reach the main tourist attractions, other cities or important spots. Moreover, Rome’s public transport system affords a possibility to easily reach any point of the Eternal City.

Of course, we recommend you to discover the city by foot, since it is the most convenient way. You can explore Rome with professional tour guides druing our private tours!

If you are going to rent a car, be ready that there might be difficulties to find car parking

Here you will find instructions on how to use public transportation and where to buy tickets for buses, metro and trams. Also, whether you arrive to Fiumicino or Ciampino airport, there are train or bus options on how to get to the city center. Undoubtedly, we recommend ordering a transfer from the airport. The taxi service is functioning throughout the city and you can take a cab on each taxi stop, located almost on every corner in the city center. However, there are applications as MyTaxi or Uber that are also popular among tourists and locals. More detailed information about fares and a taxi fares calculator is described in this section.