Quartiere Coppede'

Quartiere Coppedè – Rome’s Unexpected Neighborhood

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Quartiere Coppedè is an unexpected and extraordinary area within the Trieste district in Rome. Its architecture is the mix of Ancient Greek, Medieval, Mannerist, Roman Baroque, and Art Nouveau styles. The principal inspiration is in the nature and the architect is Gino Coppedè, who was working on the quarter from the 1913 until his death in 1927.

What You Need to Know

The area is peaceful and is considered as the best vantage point of the city. The most beautifully decored buildings are Villino delle Fate, the Palazzo del Ragno, and the Palazzo degli Ambasciatori.

The Arch

The Quartiere Coppedè encompasses building designed by architect Gino Coppedè from the beginning of the 20th century. After you pass the Arcone, which is the arch that connects Via Tagliamento with the center 0f the neghborhood, Piazza Mincio, you will see the beauties of uniquely designed buildings. Moreover, there is a sculpture of Coppedè himself into one of the columns. The other side of the arch transfers you into the world of the brainchild of Coppedè.

Arch in Quartiere Coppede

The Fountain of Frogs (Forntana delle Rane)

When you walk along the Palazzo deigli Ambasciatori, you will see the beautiful fountain with eight stone frogs located in Piazza Mincio.

fountain of frogs

The English Garden at Villa Torlonia

The English Garden at Villa Torlonia is one of the most elegant and modern Roman villas which served as Mussolini’s residence from 1925 to 1943. Moreover, it is famous for its English garden.

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Villa Torlonia in Quartiere Coppede

Via Chiana

There are many eclectic shops and boutiques located on Via Chiana , where you can buy various design home accessories, grocery, temporary art clothes, and many more interesting things.


Coppedè is not the Rome that guests of the city expect to see. There are 40 structures with different sizes, styles, heights and each of them is unique. According to the legend, Gino Coppedè received a lot of criticism on his creation and decided to end his life with a suicide. Before, he had been working in Genoa for a British client after acquiring professional reputation in Milan, where the Liberty decorative style was popular by that time. However, the Rationalist architectural movement was dominant in Rome.

coppede quarter architecture

Hotel Coppedè

Hotel Coppedè offers rooms with classic décor, TV and minibar. Moreover, there is a free WiFi throughout the property. It is located in the beautiful Coppedè quarter and you can easily reach the city center or Termini station by taking a bus from the stop on Via Nomentana, which is 800 m away from the hotel. Undoubtedly, Nomentano is an excellent choice for travelers interested in ancient landmarks, Italian culture, and art.

hotel Coppede

Useful Information

  • Quartiere Coppedè location: between Piazza Buenos Aries and Via Tagliamento
  • Getting There: take trams 3 or 19 to Piazza Buenos Aires
  • Enter under a big arch on Via Tagliamento (in front of Piper Club) on the corner with Via Dora

Quartiere Coppedè is attractive district for film makers and a beautiful quarter where to have a walk and enjoy local shops with interesting things and extraordinary buildings.

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