how to buy tickets for the public transport in Rome

How to Buy Tickets on Public Transport in Rome 

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Public transport in Rome is well-connected to all parts of the city. Tickets for the metro/subway, tram and bus are interchangeable and you can buy them at one of the stations, at an edicola, at a Tabbacchi, on an app, take a ride using Roma Pass or purchase a monthly or yearly pass.

Where to Buy Tickets

There are many options where to buy a ticket for the public transport, so it won’t be a problem for you, especially if you are in the city center. However, you should always purchase them in advance for your assurance.

At a Tabbacchi

Tabbacherias have multi functions in Italy. Here, you can buy cigarettes, souvenirs, post cards, upgrade your mobile balance, or simply buy a ticket for the public transport. Moreover, you can reload your monthly pass (abbonamento) at most Tabbachi.

On the Bus

Technically, you can buy a ticket on the bus. However, it is a risk because there are quite few buses that contain machines, so better buy a ticket in advance.

public buses in Rome

At an Edicola

Edicola is simply a newspaper stand. Moreover, usually it is possible to buy toys there. You will find many edicolas in the city, which are open on average until 9 pm and you can easily purchase a ticket there.

Edicola in Roma

At a Metro Station

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Since the ticket used on the metro is the same used for buses, you can easily buy a ticket at a metro station. The feature is that there are self service ticket machines where you have to choose which kind of ticket you want.

ticket machine

Don’t forget that your ticket is valid for 100 minutes after you validated it in a special machine

From ATAC for a Yearly Pass

This option is good for those who are living in Rome and planning to use the public transport. In order to buy a pass, you will have to apply in person or by email. The price is 250 euro for 12 months.

From ATAC for a Monthly Pass

You can also buy a monthly pass every month in ATAC and its website or in tabaccheria, at least, most of them. The price is 35 euro and the card will allow you to ride local buses, metros, and some regional trains, as well as trams.

On an App

One of the examples of the mobile phone apps where you can purchase a ticket is myCicero. Of course, you have to connect your account to PayPal or a credit card before you will be able to buy tickets, but this app makes life easier. However, sometimes it doesn’t work well, so be ready for it also.

Roma Pass

One of the main features of the Roma Pass is the possibility to use the public transport without spending money on it.

Roma pass: does it help to save money and skip the queues


The price for standard ticket is 1.50 euro and it is valid for 100 minutes for metro, bus, and tram. However, each ticket is valid for only one metro trip, even if you are going to use it again within the 100 minutes.

  • A 24 hour ticket is available for 7 euro
  • A 48 hour ticket is available for 12.50 euro
  • A 72 hour ticket is available for 18 euro
  • A one week ticket is available for 24 euro
  • Those under 10 ride free

transport ticket in Rome

Don’t forget to validate your ticket before the ride

The public transport system in Rome is well-connected to all parts of the city. However, be ready that the bus may be late or crowded, the tram will not be able to take you to all points that you need, while the metro is not enough convenient to use in the historical city center.

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