Ancient Rome and Colosseum tour

Ancient Rome Private Guided Tour: Colosseum, Roman Forum & 7 Hills

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Let’s travel through time! Are you interested in history of Rome? Do you know anything about the rise of Christianity? Together we will make a fascinating journey to ancient Rome, its glory and monuments and discover how it looked 2000 years ago:

  1. We are going to discover how Romans lived in ancient Rome with tour to the Colosseum, exploration of its underground chambers & arena and the Roman Forum
  2. Where did the Gladiators train
  3. How did the Imperial Palace look like
  4. How did the ancient system of “radio news” and “cinema” used to work
  5. Where was the center of the city located and how patricians and plebeians used to spend their free time?
  6. Why were women prohibited to watch games with their husbands
  7. How did the tradition of football fans created
  8. We will talk about species of animals that took part in games on arenas of amphitheaters and many other secrets of the ancient city!

Moreover, we will take fascinating photos from “secret” observe decks with amazing views on the Roman Forum and Colosseum that many tourists don’t know about

During our 5-hours private guided tour you will see:

  1. The Colosseum: also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, which is perhaps the grandest construction in the history and culture of ancient Rome. It had been the most prestigious place for entertainment in the capital and of the empire for four centuries. Over the time, this tremendous arena became the hallmark of Rome. We will talk about the Gladiators games and battles of wild animals that were brought from different continents! You will also get to know about an individual who was responsible for laying the basis of the IUCN Red List, attitudes and treatment towards gladiators, the way executions turned into shows, the location of the Paralympic Games , the way gladiators got freedom, the palace where Nero was located and much more.
  2. Palatine Hill and the Palace of the Emperor: 44 thousand square meters of luxury and wealth, where the members of the emperor’s family used to get entertained. We will discuss why the word “palace” comes from this place, how the finest marble mosaics were created 2 thousand years ago and the evidence that all antique statues were decorated. Moreover, we will discover 50 shades of marble, orange gardens of Farnese family and Observation platforms with amazing views on the Roman Forum and the Hippodrome (the second hour of the tour).
  3. The Roman Forum: the meeting point to discuss the most important issues of that time, the center of bazaars, courts, banks, games, and sacrifices. We will see the largest temple of the Ancient Rome from the panorama where the entire Colosseum is seen perfectly, where the vestals lived and how they were punished for losing their virginity, the Medieval Sistine Chapel, where all the gold of the empire was stored and the Roman version of the Taj Mahal. Moreover, you will learn how to differentiate ancient basilicas from the Christian churches, why the triumphal arches were built and the secrets of creating roads that are still used in today’s world.
  4. Capitoline Hill and the Forums of Emperors: story about the expansion of the central square, visit to the world’s first shopping center, facts about how August avenged for the death of Caesar, discovering of antique theater and story about why Romans didn’t like it that much.
  5. Aventine Hill and Circus Maximus Hippodrome: story about the Romans who kidnapped the Sabines, facts about the canalization which helped to create the modern system of hippodromes, birth of tradition of using flags on sport competitions, and exploration of the place where 300 thousand viewers could gather in Rome. Moreover, we will visit one of the best panoramas in the Orange Garden and famous keyhole, and the place where you will see three governments at the same time: Italy, Vatican, and Malta.

This daytime tour inside the Colosseum and its Forums ideally complements the Rome sightseeing tour at sunrise and is a perfect option for tourists interested in the history of ancient Rome. If you choose to visit the tour at sunrise, we recommend to take this walking tour in 4 hours option without the visit to the Aventine hill. There are only group tours for tourists interested in the Colosseum and Roman Forums tour by night. Enjoy smart tourism by archaeological discovery of main attractions of Rome with us!

Also, we recommend you Rome walking tour along ancient Appian Way


Organizational details:

  • Duration of the tour: 5 hours (recommended), 4 hours – without the Aventine hill and hippodrome, 3 hours – only the Colosseum, Roman Forums, Palatine hill and the Palace of the Emperor
  • Beginning time: 13:15 pm, any available day in tour guide’s schedule
  • Price of an individual tour: 250 euro for a group of up to 3 participants, 4 hours – 200 euro, 3 hours – 150 euro. This is a private tour only for your group without additional tourists
  • You will need comfortable shoes. During summer time, we recommend to take sunglasses, hats and water
  • It is prohibited to take alcohol, sprays, piercing and cutting objects
  • Roman Forum and Colosseum tickets: 12 euro per person, we will help to buy Colosseum tickets to skip the line
  • Meeting point: right by the entrance of the “Colosseo” metro station on its underside where the bus stop located
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Author: Elena local guide in Rome

I've lived in Rome since the age of 10. The first impression about the Eternal City was incomparable and grandiose, so the decision about the future profession immediately came up in my mind – I decided to study in gymnasium at the faculty of tourism and continued my education at the faculty of archeology in Roma Tre Italian public University. The idea of becoming a tour guide became my firm intention after an internship under the supervision of Alberto Angelo – the most famous paleontologist, archeologist and TV anchor of Italy. Thanks to his professionalism, I realized the significance of history and today, I am happy to share my knowledge with anyone looking forward to discovering the secrets of Rome and Vatican. About me: I am huge fan of horseriding, spaghetti amatriciana, and beach days.

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