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Capitoline Museums Private Guided Tour: in the footsteps of the Roman Wolf

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On one of the lowest hills of Rome stand the oldest public museum in the world – The Capitoline Museums. Its construction was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV in 1471, who transferred his antique bronze collections as a gift to the Roman people and located them on the Capitoline hill.

The museums are owned and operated by the municipality of Rome

Our private guided tour to the museums will start from the Palazzo dei Conservatori, where we find and talk about such incredible masterpieces as:

  1. Boy with Thorn, also called Fedele (Fedelino) or Spinario;
  2. Gilded bronze statue of Hercules of the Forum Boarium
  3. The symbol of Rome – an original sculpture of the Capitoline Wolf (Lupa Capitolina), who raised twins Romulus and Remus
  4. Medusa, marble sculpture of the eponymous character from the classical myth by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

On the upper part of the palace, we will reach the Halls Horti Lamiani, with the impressive Bust of Commodus as Hercules. Moreover, there are two sculptures representing a marine Triton, known as the Torso of Triton or Sea Centaur

Buildings of the Capitoline square are interlinked by an underground gallery beneath the piazza. This is how we are going to move to the Palazzo Nuovo. The palace adorned as a huge residence of Roman patrician and decorated with wonderful Roman mosaics and busts of ancient philosophers and poets. Moreover, we will discover worldwide known masterpiece, the statue of Capitolone Venus. The Capitoline Gallery contains paintings in nine different halls, were we will admire works by Titian, Rubens, Reni, and many other artists.

capitoline museum

I recommend this individual tour to all history and art lovers


Organizational details

  • Price for the group of up to 3 participants: 200 euro (+25 euro for any additional participant). Max 7 people per group. This is an individual tour only for you and your group.
  • Duration of the tour: 4 hours. We will skip the line at the entrance
  • Ticket price: 8.50 euro per person
  • Beginning time: 1:30 pm, on Tuesday and Saturday the tour starts at 5 pm
  • Meeting point: in the middle of the Capitoline square, under the statue of Marcus Aurelius. Here is the point on the map;
  • Rome museum or tourist passes are valid for the museums visiting
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Author: Elena local guide in Rome

I've lived in Rome since the age of 10. The first impression about the Eternal City was incomparable and grandiose, so the decision about the future profession immediately came up in my mind – I decided to study in gymnasium at the faculty of tourism and continued my education at the faculty of archeology in Roma Tre Italian public University. The idea of becoming a tour guide became my firm intention after an internship under the supervision of Alberto Angelo – the most famous paleontologist, archeologist and TV anchor of Italy. Thanks to his professionalism, I realized the significance of history and today, I am happy to share my knowledge with anyone looking forward to discovering the secrets of Rome and Vatican. About me: I am huge fan of horseriding, spaghetti amatriciana, and beach days.

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