ancient entrances to the colosseum

How many entrances did the Colosseum have?

The Colosseum (Colosseo) is the grandest ancient amphitheater in the world with 80 entrances. Its façade is 49 meters tall, and divided into three floors where entrance arches located. Moreover, the construction is surmounted by a windowed pilaster attic where in the time of Roman Empire stood impressive statues. The 80 entrance arches on the ground level were numbered, except four principal entrances with propylaeums, which were reserved for the emperor, the imperial family and the vestals.

Spectators were given special pass with an assigned seat in a particular section

In addition, there was a route to the seat indicated on the tickets. The entrance was free, but seating depended on social divisions. The 17 rows of the podium were reserved for the imperial section, magistrates and senators. The low cavea was for the knights, while the middle cavea composed of 19 rows and 32 entrances, belonged to the middle class, the “Maenianum summum.” The high cavea, consisted of 37 rows, was dedicated to the general public. Overall, there were 50 rows in stone, while the sections for the plebes were made of wood.

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