How many colosseums are in rome

How many Colosseums are there in Rome?

Have you ever heard that there are more than one Colosseum in Rome?

  1. Actually, there is also a square Colosseum located in EUR district of the Eternal City. It is about 20-minute ride away from the central part of Rome. The district was built by dictator Benito Mussolini as a site for the 1942 world’s fair to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fascism movement. However, the fair never happened because of the WWII, while the regime of Mussolini stopped in 1943. Today, the monuments still exist and attract many visitors of the city. The most famous among them is the square Colosseum (Colosseo Quadrato) which houses Fendi fashion brand. You can recognize more about EUR zone during our individual tour to this amazing district.
  2. Another famous monument which looks like smaller version of the Colosseum is the Marcellus’ Theater, located in the historic center of Rome.
    anceint Rome and the theater of Marcellus
    In reality, the theater was built earlier than the Colosseum, but nowadays it is less popular among tourists. Don’t miss an opportunity to see the ancient amphitheater, whose construction was commissioned by Julius Caesar and it could fit 15-20.000 of spectators.


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