pharmacies and first aid in Rome

Pharmacies and First Aid in Rome

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No one is protected from emergency cases while travelling, but there are many ways to receive free medical care during your visit to Rome. Despite the fact that most places in the Eternal City close early, there are many 24/7 pharmacies and points of first aid with high quality service and free of charge.

Points of Free Treatment of Tourists

It is important to know that ambulance in Rome arrives only for serious cases. So if you feel that you need a doctor, think about going to the hospital by foot or get a taxi, which will be a way faster than to wait for a doctor. There are two official points of free medical assistance for tourists in Rome:

  1. Presidio Territoriale di Prossimità «Nuovo Regina Margherita»
    Via Emilio Morosini, 30 (Trastevere) — Roma
  2. Poliambulatorio «Canova»
    Via Antonio Canova, 19 (Piazza di Spagna) — Roma

They are opened 24/7

After 7 pm you can visit the Hospital Fabtebrenefatelli on the island of Tiberina (Isola Tiberina). To the left of the main entrance is a night medical point and usually there are not that many people in queue. Moreover, for women, especially for future mothers, there is an excellent and high quality emergency gynecological help in Rome. Undoubtedly, if you are pregnant and plan a visit to Rome, you should learn the address of the hospital by heart.

Isola Tiberina in Trastevere

Pediatric Care

For pediatric care you have to visit Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesu on Piazza di Sant’Onofrio, 4, 00165, Roma. It works 24 hours a day and free of charge. Moreover, there is a high quality service offered. Unfortunately, sometimes there are long queues.

Hospital Bambino Gesu in Rome

Do not minimize symptoms because your wait in the queue depends on it. There is an x-ray, ultrasound and all medical procedures are free of charge

If you decided that you urgently need a doctor and ready to spend big amounts of money, then here’s the list of paid hospitals in Rome, where doctors speak English:

  1. Doctors in Italy
    Via Frattina 48
    Tel: +39-06 6790695
  2. House call doctors
    Roma Medica
    Tel.: + 39-06 6790695
  3. Aventino Medical Group
    Via Sant’Alberto Magno, 5,
    Tel. : +39-06 578 0738

Prices for Services of Doctors

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Estimated prices for the services of doctors

  • Prescription 50 euro
  • Hospital 80 euro
  • Therapist 100 euro
  • Specialist 150 euro
  • Visit of the specialist to the hotel: 200 euro
  • Uzi from 80 to 200 euro

Ambulance Rome

Addresses of Pharmacies

Undoubtedly, most tourists try to get all main medications from their home countries for emergency cases while travelling, but if something went wrong in Italy, you have to go to the pharmacy (Farmacia). Since most places in Rome close early at about 7.30 pm, there are on-duty pharmacies. Usually, at the door of each closed medical point hangs a list of other pharmacies nearby that have longer working hours.

Pharmacy in Santa Maria Trastevere

The list of 24/7 pharmacies

These pharmacies located in the area of the historical center.

  1. Farmacia Piram
    Via Nazionale, 228
    +39 06 488 4437
  2. Farmacia Trastevere
    Viale di Trastevere, 80
    +39 06 581 0259
  3. Farmacia Igea San Gallicano
    Via di S. Gallicano, 23
    +39 06 589 5764
  4. Farmacia Senato Criserà Guglielmo
    Corso del Rinascimento, 50
    +39 06 6880 3760
    Working hours: 07:30–00:30

Analogues of Medicines

  • General pain relief– “Aspirin,” “Ibuprofen,” “Bayer”
  • Headache relief– “Excedrin” → Mal di testa sollievo) – Oki (solvent) **this is known by many Italians to be the ‘hangover’ cure
  • Non-aspirin pain relief– “Advil” → Paracetamol
  • Children’s pain & fever relief→ Supposte, Dicodral (vomiting, diarrhea) Tachipirina per bambini
  • Children’s cough & cold → Greentus(cough syrup)
  • Cough & sore throat relief– “Halls,” “Robitussin” → Bisolvon (cough), Benegol(lozenges), Tantum Verde (spray)
  • Ear ache relief– “Q tips,” (ear drops) → Gocce per mal d’orecchi 
  • Eye care– (drops) → Soluzione per gli occhi – Bausch & Lomb Ophtaxia
  • Contact lens saline solution– “Re-nu” → Liquido per lenti a contatto– Pemag, Regard
  • Adult cold remedies– “Mucinex,” “Zicam,” “Sudafed” → Actifed
  • Lip care & cold-sore relief– “Chapstick,” “Blistex” → Burrocacao per le labbra, ErpeteZovirax
  • Nasal spray for congested nose→ Spray nasale, Nasodren
  • Allergy & Sinus– “Zyrtec,” “Benadryl,” “Allegra” → Fexofenadine, TelfastCetirizine
  • Acid reflux & Heartburn– “Zantac,” “Alka Seltzer”  → Bruciore di stomaco) – Gaviscon, Citrosodine
  • Digestive-health, vomiting & nausea→ Imodium (diarrhea), Plasil (vomiting) normix
  • Blister care & lesions→ Bolla e lesioni sollevi– Compeed
  • Feminine care → Tampons– Assorbenti interni “Tampax” Sanitary Napkins– Assorbenti
  • Menstrual pain→ Moment Act (more for back pains), Momendol (menstrual cramps)
  • Urinary tract infection– Cranberry herbal pills → Infezione del tratto urinario– Pillole dei mirtilli rossi 
  • Baby diapers→ Pannolini per neonati (newborns) Pampers
  • Sleep & snoring aids– “Melatonin,” “Tylenol PM (difficult to attain without prescription)” → Sonnifero – Melatoninarussare sollievo – Snoreeze
  • First Aidband-aids(plasters), neosporin (cortisone), hand sanitizer → Cerotti (chair-ot-ee), Cortisone (court-ez-oh-nay), Disinfettante per le mani
  • Condoms– Preservativi (prez-air-vat-ee-vee)

I hope these recommendations will help you during your visit to the Eternal City! Get well and come to our tours 🙂

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