Where to Travel from Rome

Where to Travel from Rome?

There are many traveling day trip options  from Rome and you can choose the one which is perfectly fits for you in terms of price and time consumption.

Undoubtedly, the most famous options are Florence, Naples and Pompeii, located only in 2-3 hours by train from the Eternal City.

Also, consider options like Tivoli, which is the city near Rome with amazing villas. Then, one of the easiest outgoings is a day trip to Ostia Antica, which is a smaller version of Pompeii and is an archaeological site with ruins of ancient Rome’s sea port.

Another option is to visit Castel Gandolfo, where the Pope’s summer residence is located. This option is excellent for a day trip because there is a beautiful lake where you can rent a boat for a cheap price (10-15 euro/hour), enjoy dishes in local restaurants and get a tour to the residence & gardens with an official Vatican guide.

Finally, Bracciano, the commune of Rome, is an amazing option to visit for a day since there is a beautiful lake where you can also rent a boat and explore castles. Read more about day trip options from Rome.

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