Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus (in Italian Circo Massimo) is the giant racetrack of ancient Rome, situated on the left bank of the Tiber River, between the Palatine and Aventine hills, near the center of the modern city. The name The name Circo Massimo comes from the Latin Circus Maximus. One of the meanings of the word […]

Rome New Year’s Eve 2023/2024

New Year’s celebration in Rome may become one of the best experiences of your life! Just imagine the Eternal City full of lights and bright colors. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent idea to visit Rome on New Year’s Eve. Italians have unique traditions for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. What’s Rome Like for This […]

Original Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum or Coliseum (Latin: Colossus – “huge,” Italian: Colosseo), also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium), is perhaps the grandest construction in the history and culture of ancient Rome. It is located to the South of the central part of the Eternal City, just east of the Roman Forum. Built during the […]

The Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano

The Basilica of Saint John in Lateran (San Giovanni in Laterano) is defined as “the mother of all churches in the world.” It represents the mixture between the Pagan and Christian eras. You should visit the museum, which collects precious liturgical furnishings, sculptures, and ornaments of an ancient basilica. It was the first Christian basilica […]

The Fountain of The Four Rivers

The Fountain of The Four Rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini inaugurated in 1651. It was commissioned by Pope Innocent X and is located in the Piazza Navona in Rome. Statues of the fountain symbolize four significant rivers of that time: the Nile, the Ganges, the Danube, and the Rio de la […]

Trevi Fountain

A genuine pearl among hundreds of different fountains in Rome is considered to be the Trevi Fountain (Italian: Fontana di Trevi). Majestic and spectacular sightseeing is more like a scene from an ancient play, made in stone, rather than a clean water source. The fountain’s perfect location and incredible beauty attract thousands of visitors to the […]

What to See in 3 days in Rome?

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities globally, with the most significant number of monuments, squares, churches, attractions, and artworks. Certainly 3 days in Rome isn’t enough to see everything the city has got to offer, but it’s certainly enough to see all the highlights if you manage your time effectively. Here is the […]